About Us

  1. We guarantee our services 100%. We want you to be totally satisfied with any of our services and we guarantee it.
  2. We as a salon work as a team.  We want to meet all of your needs. You can feel comfortable going to any of our talented and skilled professionals.Anytime-Anyday
  3. We are Haircoloring experts. It is the number 1 service in our salon. From hi-lights to low-lights to simple grey coverage we can suggest the best color for your personal look. We keep up on the latest trends and can even correct those color mistakes made at home.
  4. We offer FREE bang haircuts to all existing clients. We know sometimes those bangs grow faster than the rest of your haircut and you decide to take the scissors to them at home and we all know how that turns out. So you can come in and let the professional do it for FREE.
  5. We spend time on you. We are big on communicating and understanding exactly what you want. This takes time. We love for you to bring in pictures and idea’s that you want to share with us to get that new look. We don’t herd you thru like cattle.

Our Products

We use what we sell. All the products used in the salon are professional quality. From the shampoo to the hairspray we use the best. We also offer a loyalty program on all product purchases. You receive $5.00 credit on every $100.00 you spend on salon products. We also guarantee the products we sell. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your new product simply return it and we will either find you something else or we will refund your money.